Kids menu

  • Kids menu


    All the children's pizzas are thin Ø 25 cm.

  • Kids pizza

    • 5,9 €

    tomato sauce, cheese, ham / chicken

  • French fries with sauce/ meatballs

    • 2,9/ 4,9 €



  • Extras


    Make your own pizza by choosing extras:

    Extra sauces 1,5€:
    BBQ-sauce, curry mayonnaise, tomato, salsa

    Extras 1,8€:
    Onion, chilli, jalapeno, garlic, olives, pineapple, fresh tomato, capers, egg, mushrooms, roasted bell pepper, zucchini, pickles, basil, pearl onion, cherry tomatoes, spinach, eggplant

    Extras 2,6€:
    Sun-dried tomatoes, rucola, artichoke, anchovy, minced meat, ham, smoked bacon, chicken fillet, mozzarella, Estonian cheese, melted
    cheese, blue cheese, Parmesan, basil pesto

    Extras 2,8€:
    Smoked salmon, shrimp, seafood, Parma ham, BBQ pulled pork, smoked chicken, spicy salami, tuna, Chanterelles


    Cheese stuffed crust:
    2,0€- Thin 25 Ø 
    3,0€- Thin 33 Ø